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On the day of June 21, 2013 around the time of 9:30 am in the morning on my way to the DIA, after I packed my bags. I couldn't wait to start my trip to go around the world. My first stop was New York. I landing in New York around 1:00 pm in JKF airport. I got all my stuff and headed to rent a car, then find a hotel to stay in for a couple of nights.I did some research on the airplane about New York I found out that there are 9,541,453 people that live in New York.New york is only 654,556 square miles big and that many people live her. New York is located the northern region in the USA. Its borders are New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south. To the east is Vermont and Massachusetts. The Atlantic Ocean and The great lakes are the bodies of water that surround New York. They are just like here in Denver they use USA dollars and there language is English. They have very warm and humid summers but in the winter it is really cold. I'm glad I came in the summer so it's all nice and sunny outside temperature about 90 degrees. Since the weather was so warm I went to look at the Empire State building, Time Square and the Statue of Liberty. On the last day of being in New York I went shopping at a couple of stores. I stop at Areopostale to get some shirts. Then went to Aldo to go get some shoes because they have a way better selection then we do living in New York. Then later that day i head back to the airport to go caught my next flight to The Bahamas.

I landed in the Bahamas on June 26,2013 I don't remember the time because I had fall asleep on the plane so i wasn't keeping track of time. It must have been sometime in the morning because all the stores were barely opening and not that many people were walking around. I quickly rented a car and set out to go find a nice hotel to stay in for a couple of night that I will be here. In the meantime I decided to do a little research on where I was exactly at. I found out that there are 13,878 people on this island and it is only 5,358 square miles big. It is located North to Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Northwest of Turks and Caicos Islands. The United States is located Southeast and the ocean that surrounds it is the Atlantic. They speak mostly English here, and there summers are beautiful, nice and warm temperatures. They also have hurricanes that pass all summer long. It hurricane season for them.There winters are snowy mixed with rain but never get lower then 37 degrees. I am so glad that I came in the nice and warm summer time. I hate cold weather. I also learned that there Gross Domestic Product per capita is 256,473 and there total is 9,020 billion. I went swimming all day long on the beaches and went to a few nice places to eat. I saw a couple of different shows and meet some new people. I had to head back to the hotel and pack because I was catching a flight to Chile at 3am in the morning. It had fun in the Bahamas but I must keep moving if i want to make it to all the other country too.

That was one long airplane ride that I have ever took so far. I slept more then half way and I still that it was a long ride.I arrived in Chile around 12pm on July 2, 2013. As I was on my way over here I had even time to do some research on Chile.It is located next to Peru ,and Bolivia to northeast. the body of water next to it is Pacific Ocean. I found out that there are 17,063,00 people that live here. It is 2,700 square miles down and across is 109 miles. There GDP per capita is 10,025 and there total is 161,781. They speak Spanish so when I arrived I had a really hard time understanding people but lucky I had found a girl who spoke English and she helped me out. Since there currency is not the same as American dollars I had to change my dollars into Peso so I could buy things. While being there I went to a few nice dinning places to eat. I enjoyed going skiing it was really fun, and easy to learn. I have never been skiing so i really liked it. Even though I live in Denver where the rocky mountains are, I have never tried to go skiing. The view from over here was very pretty and relaxing compared to all the traveling I am doing. I stayed a couple of extra nights to enjoy the hotel I was staying at. I went swimming all day and just relaxed out by the pool. Then finally after staying a week an a half I had to go to the airport and caught my flight to Brazil.

I landed July 10,2013 around the time 2:30pm and was very excited to go see what Brazil had. While I was waiting for my rental car to be ready I pulled out my blackberry to do a little research information on the country I was in. Brazil is located next to all the country's expect Ecuador, and Chile. The Atlantic ocean is to the east of Brazil. There GDP per capita is 10,513 and total is 2,013. They have a population of 192,272,890 people who live here. It is 3,287,597 square miles big and they speak Portuguese so I couldn't understand anything anyone was saying. I also had to go exchange my money for Real because they didn't except dollars are Peso. Since it was still summer it was around 77 degree with felt really good. They have cool winters with some snow falls. I walked around this little city called ParĂ¡ it was a nice city not to big or small. It had some really nice little shopping centers and nice restaurants. There food was very different but it wasn't bad it was just different from what I was use to. I visited a couple of place then went back to my hotel to pack my stuff to head to the airport and catch a flight to Ireland.

I really enjoyed my flight to Ireland it was very quiet and relaxing. This was my first time experiencing this so I enjoyed it to the fullest. I decided to research the country before I got there this time. It is east to Great Britain, and surround by hundreds of island all around. The Atlantic Ocean and Celtic Sea is the body of water to surround it.It is 32,595 square miles and has 6,197,000 people that live here. There GDP per capita is 41,000 and there currency is Euro/North Pound Sterling. I made sure to research there primary language and I was so happy when it was English.It was July 17,2013 around 6:00pm. As I closed my Laptop the airplane was getting ready to land so I got my things ready. As I gotten off I headed straight to the rental place to rent a car for the time I was going to be there. Then I drove around town to look for a nice and quiet hotel to stay at. I found one it was a nice one in a little city. the first day I just stayed at the hotel and got situated. then I went out and did some stuff. I went to a few store for food and then got some stuff I needed . Then went to a nice place for dinner and desert. The next couple of days I went out and went golfing, it is really popular out there. There was this really nice spa I found just by walk around. After a couple of days of shopping and look at the different culture thing they have. I had to get back to the hotel before I missed my flight, so I hurried and packed my bag and headed again to the airport. My next stop was Jordan

I didn't sleep much while I was in Ireland so all I did was sleep on the airplane the whole time. From the time I had got on to the time i heard the pilot announce that we had arrived. While waiting for my rental car to meet me at the airport I put out my phone and did my usually research on the county. I had studied it once in school but I really didn't know much on it. It is located southeast to Saudi, and Arabia, Iraq is to east and Syria to the North.Palestinian Territories and Isreal is to the west also with the Jordan river going through the country. I stopped by a couple of place before I checked into my hotel. I took a tour of the dead seas and it was a nice beautiful experience that I was so happy I got to see this. I've really never got to look at a river like this how they knew so much about it. I went on another tour to the desert and it was very hot and dry. I really didn't like that but it was something I did to say I've did it. I hung out at the hotel the remain time that i was there. I was busy taking to my dad telling him how it was out here and how much I liked traveling. Then finally I had to pack to go catch my flight to Thailand.

This was another long airplane ride so I decided to read a book and watch movies. But I still had enough time to do my research about Thailand. It is located southern Asia and its boarders are Burma, Laos to the north, to the east is Cambodia. the bodies of water that surround it is Gulf of Thailand and west is Andaman Sea. There are 65,998,436 people living here with a 198,115 square miles of land. There most spoken language is Thai and there currency is Baht. Another thing to know is GDP per capita and it is 3,939 and there total is 263.871 billion. By the time I landed I had already knew where I was going. After I got my car and my hotel I drove off to where all the shops are. This is where they make a lot of stuff that the US buy but here you get it way cheaper. You can get a coach purse from Denver for 300 and get it her for about less then hundred. I spent most of my time looking through all the stuff they sell it took me three days to do it. After that I went sight seeing for the last couple of days I was there. Then I went back to my hotel and packed my thing to get ready to take off to the last stop before my home, Denver.

I was so happy that this was my last stop before going home. I was really starting to miss my home very much, I was getting homesick so I decided to cut my stay shorted then I had planned but that was O.K. As I was on the airplane I did my research of the country. This country was located North of New Culedonia, Fiji and Tonga. The bodies of water that surround it are the Tasman Sea and South Pacific Ocean. After Settling down I put on my bathing suit and decided I would take it easy here and just enjoy there beautiful beach and the sight seeing this country had to offer me. I went swimming almost everyday I was here and got really tan . I had bought a coupe of shirt to take back home to give to my father. I had gotten a lot of stuff for me but all my dad asked from when I travel to New Zealand was a shirt that had a picture of the sea so that's what I had got him. Another thing I did while I visited was learned how to surf. It was very scary at first but I got over my fear after getting out in the water. I love to swim but I am more of a pool girl instead of a ocean person. i guess I am afraid of the creatures that live in the ocean and a shark. On my last day here I just sat on the beach and enjoyed the view. It was a very pretty sight but the most beautiful sight was watching the sun go down. After that I went back to the hotel and got a good night sleep then first thing in the morning I left. Back to Denver I was going and so happy I was to go.

This whole trip around the world has been a very eye opening experience and if I could I would go to a lot more places but I have things to do at home so I got to go fly back to Denver. Seeing all the different cultures and the way people live has go me look at life a whole another way. I never thought that I would travel the world but now that I have it is a amazing thing to do and wish everyone could. While that is it for now so goodbye!

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